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The Nautica


The act ( Political Edict on the Navigation of Commerce) determining the later navigation in the Adriatic Region for over one and a half century, wich served as a basis for all further regulations, was issued with this preface on 25 April 1774. Paragraph 7 of the Act, determining the duties of mates and boatswains, says the foliwing:

"The Ordinary Mate of a Ship should be in Charge of acquiring a Marine Compass, a Globe, Instruments for watching the Stars and Marine maps, especially those which are Useful and Needed for Learning about the Depth of the  Sea, the Position of the Ship under a Certain Grade of the Sky, the Lenght of the woyage, the Rocks and Sand Banks on the Way.

And the Governorship should be in Charge of ordering the teacher instructing navigation to give proper instruction to the captains sent to him and also to acquire maps and other instruments when needed, in order that they would sail as possible with the help of these."

Why did the fundamental law regulating navigation have to include such minor details? It becomes clear out the second paragraph of the clause determining the duties of a ship's clerk:

" If neverthless, the captain could not write..."



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The Nautica

(Juraj Boros, 2010.12.28 21:15)

Dear Mr.Horváth,

I have found your interesting website and with help of google translator I read a part of it. I found also this book, if it is all in English I would be very interested in buying it. Could you provide information regarding the price ?

Thank you and wish you all the best in the New Year 2011.

With best regards,

Capt. Juraj Boros
Master Mariner